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The Low-Down

Like all good things, we knew it would have to come to an end eventually. I cannot say however that I do not feel a little sad it's over so soon. I am out of the competition for this month.

The play by play-
Week 1- I actually broke out of the gates pretty strong in light of the competition. I came through at 19 votes strong. A very nice beginning.
Week 2-For whatever reason I was channeling Stephen King's mother from Carrie. It couldn't possibly be from me reading Carrie. The prompt was Navel and although I wanted to do a sweet multi generational story, I was running out of time, and channeling Mama White heavily. I embraced Mama White, and only came through with 6 votes, nowhere near enough to continue.
Week 3- Teeth- Are you kidding? I love how this was changed to be easier. It was going to be Calves as in the backs of your legs. I would have preferred Calves. They have a Just For Fun entry so I could still enter if I wished. I didn't much feel like it due to being overworked at school.

NaNo is little more than a week from now. It feels like everything has gone too fast. The whole summer it seemed like November would never arrive, now I'm staring it in the face trembling. Whether it's fear or excitement is unclear. Perhaps a healthy blend of both? I hope I'm ready.

The next week or so may be fairly silent here at the home front. It's time to slip even further away from reality (as far as classes, the cat, and the fiance will allow) and learn as much as possible from my characters while getting as far ahead in classes as I can. So never fear, faithful readers. I'll be back with a passion in November. (Heck, I may even try to do BF at the same time for added pressure)

About Me:

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My name is Rose, and I am a writer.
I have a lot of work and self discipline ahead of me, but I am a work in progress.

I started writing when I got my first computer way back in elementary school. In middle school I started my first collaborative work with a group of friends, and the seeds of the craft were planted.

While I discussed college options with my family I expressed a desire to pursue a degree in Psychology, with Creative Writing as a minor. They all requested a family discount when I became a headshrink. That was the final nail on the coffin.

Currently I am finishing up my BA in English with a focus on creative writing.

Join me on my journey!

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